Mission 108 funds a safe house for trafficking survivors at the epicenter of human trafficking and advocates for human rights across India.

from the aftermath of human trafficking

Helping Free Survivors


Aftercare for Victims

Advocacy for Women

Hope for a Brighter Future

A criminal. Victims are more likely to be charged for a crime rather than their traffickers.

Less valuable than property. Women face extreme gender discrimination and poverty due to the unjust caste system. 

Untouchable. Due to their sexual past, they are viewed as Dalits, or “untouchables”, with little hope for a career, marriage, or education.

Being freed from trafficking 

doesn't make her free

In India, female trafficking survivors remain trapped socially and economically, often viewed as:

You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!


We believe her past

shouldn't define her future

Survivors deserve more than freedom from trafficking - they deserve a chance at life. Here is how Mission 108 helps young girls move from victim to survivor.

Immediate Aftercare

Political Advocacy

Lifelong Support

Following the point-of-rescue, girls are placed into Nai Asha, a safe home fully funded by Mission 108. Here, they begin a two-year restoration program. Staff and caretakers at Nai Asha meet the immediate needs of survivors as well as provide therapy and a chance to be a child again. At Nai Asha, our girls learn to dream again and hope for a life that was once out of reach.

Mission 108’s safe house is the only safe house supported by the Indian government. We take that privilege seriously. In addition to caring for survivors, we use our platform with the government to also advocate for the rights of trafficking victims. We help educate leaders about the ins and outs of trafficking, so trafficked women are seen as victims and not criminals. 

Following graduation from our program, Mission 108 helps each girl pursue their dream as funds allow. Whether they choose to pursue higher education, start a business, or get a job, we want to help them get there. Because we believe when a survivor of trafficking begins to dream again, nothing should get in their way.


Following graduation, Mission 108 uses any extra funds beyond the safe house operations to help each girl pursue their next step. Some choose to begin a business, others to receive higher education. Whatever their dream may be, we want to help them get there. Once they are a part of Nai Asha, they are forever family.


During their second year, girls begin receiving education and training to prepare for a life after trafficking. It’s in this year most of our girls’ dreams start to feel attainable, and a brightness returns to their face that was once lost.

Preparing for Independence

During their first year at Nai Asha, girls receive counseling and learn basic skills so they build trust, heal, understand that their life has a purpose, and begin dreaming of their future.

The Healing Begins

At the point of rescue, girls are placed in Nai Asha, our safe home, and begin a 2-year journey towards restoration through our rehabilitation program. Here they begin to encounter love and safety, concepts that have become foreign.


From “Untouchable”
to Unstoppable 

Our 2-year aftercare program gives minor girls an opportunity for a brighter future. 

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3 ways to join the mission


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Help us fund the safe house in India, and advocate for human rights in India. Every dollar of your donation goes towards supporting the girls of Nai Asha in their path to recovery and freedom and advocacy efforts with the Indian government.

Purchase tickets to our biggest fundraising events of the year. 100% of the proceeds go to supporting Mission 108. It’s the best opportunity to learn more about our mission, the safe house, and how you can be involved. Not to mention, a great time!

Do you have a heart for fighting injustice in India and giving rescued girls the opportunity for a second chance at life? Find ways you can get involved with the mission, be it volunteering your time, sponsoring an event, or more.



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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  

Mission 108, a 501(C)3 Non Profit organization, is focused on fighting against human trafficking through our safe house and advocacy efforts that take place on the frontlines of the Nepal-India border - considered one of the world’s largest epicenters of human trafficking.

- Dr. Martin Luther King

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