Mission 108 is a non-profit organization advocating to end human trafficking in India and beyond.

about us


How it started

Robbie and Brittany Ross started Mission 108 in 2012 while working with impoverished communities in their hometown of Lexington, Ky. The couple felt called to do something greater with the platform they’d been given as an MLB family and influencers in their community. In 2016, made Mission 108 official by creating the organization as a 501(C)3 Non-Profit.

Along their journey, God opened the door for them to join in the fight against human trafficking in India. While traveling the world on missions trips, Brittany and Robbie became aware of the heart-wrenching truth that the world can be a dark place where people live on a dollar a day and the most defenseless among us are victims of sex trafficking. When they traveled to India, they saw an opportunity to keep a safe home focused on restoring victims of human trafficking open through annual funding, which has led to the focus of Mission 108 today.

Welcome to the 108 family!

our mission

Advocating with the marginalized, empowering the vulnerable, partnering with the willing, and focusing on Human Rights for the survivors of Human Trafficking and the extreme poor.

our vision

We stand on the belief that we belong to each other. We envision a world dominated by love and generosity. We believe in looking at social issues through a global lens in order to bring human rights to every person.

our Solution

Mission 108 uses three paths to navigate our fight against social justice – Prevention, Awareness/Advocacy and Aftercare. 




At Mission 108 we are passionate about education as a means of prevention. If women and children know their worth, purpose, and potential, they are less likely to become victims of trafficking.

As our motto goes, We Belong to Each Other, we strive to bring the issue of human trafficking and modern-day slavery to everyone we meet. We are all global citizens and when one of us is wronged, we believe it is our responsibility to SAY and DO something. Our advocacy team focuses on raising awareness about human trafficking and advocating for human rights in India and the United States.

The survivors of trafficking are some of the most vulnerable people in India. We believe in sustainable aftercare programs where the local Indian community sees a need and creates a solution using resources available to them. We partner with and fully fund a 100% Indian-run safe house to help with aftercare.

Author of Dangerous Hope: from survival mode to a wild abundant life, Holistic wellness advocate, Doula, wife, and mom. Kentucky native, Brittany is dedicated to healing and inspiring others to do the same. Brittany started working in international development in 2014 and thus officially created Mission 108 in 2016. Her passion for bringing hope to the extreme poor and survivors of Human Trafficking is the backbone of Mission 108.

You can book Brittany to speak HERE

our founders

Brittany Ross 


Professional baseball player, husband, father. Robbie has spent 15 years working as a professional athlete. He played with the Texas Rangers, Boston Redsox, Chicago Whitesox, and Detroit Tigers. Robbie has spent several weeks in India getting to know the staff and girls at Nai Asha. Co Founder with his wife Brittany is passionate about using his platform to bring hope to the darknesss of human trafficking. Robbie enjoys hunting, golfing, traveling and being a dad. “Fighting against human trafficking is extreme and not a normal mission field. It's amazing to be in an extreme place for Christ! I feel very blessed to be working with everyone involved in Mission 108.”

Robbie Ross Jr. 


Courtney Evans was the previous Global Partnerships Director at Mission 108 for two years. Courtney went to school with Robbie and Brittany and saw Mission 108 grow into the international organization that it is today.

Courtney has been to India three times to visit the team and Nai Asha. Each time her love and passion for Mission 108’s work grows. Seeing the direct impact that Mission 108 has on the ground and the lives that it changes is the most inspiring. Courtney currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts but continues to support Mission 108 from the Northeast by being a proud board member.

our Board

Courtney Evans

Marilyn Lyons has served as a volunteer for numerous nonprofits in her community for over twenty years. She is a strong advocate for empowering and encouraging young women to achieve their dreams. Marilyn began volunteering for Mission 108 in 2012. She joined the Board of Directors in 2016 when Mission 108 was reorganized as a nonprofit 501(C)3, and in 2017, Marilyn had the privilege of visiting India with us.

Marilyn is the Director for Institutional Assessment and Data Reporting at Frontier Nursing University. With degrees in both Anthropology and Educational Policy Studies,  Marilyn’s involvement with Mission 108 gives her the opportunity to use her skills and knowledge to empower people all across the world.

"Volunteering allows me to be a part of something bigger than myself. Mission 108 is impacting change on a global scale."

Marilyn Lyons

Beth and Joe Wieland are from Scottsdale, Arizona. They have 2 boys, JJ and Cam! Beth is a Physical Therapist by trade and Joe plays professional baseball. They recently partnered with a health and wellness company to help athletes & families. Their favorite things are playing golf, traveling and grilling out with friends.

This is Beth and Joe’s first experience getting involved with social justice work and anti-human trafficking. They have been on the Mission 108 board for 3 years. Beth and Joe plan to eventually travel to India to meet the women they’ve continue to pour their hearts, prayers and gifts into. Beth and Joe were/are long time donors of Mission 108 before becoming Board members. Fun Fact: Beth and Joe have lived in three different countries since being married: Japan, Korea, and US.

Beth & Joe Wieland

Jordan Sok began being involved in Mission 108 in 2018. She first heard of human trafficking in college and mostly considered it an overseas issue. Unfortunately, soon after, she witnessed it happen in Kentucky with a young teenage girl she mentored through the Big Brother, Big Sister program. That made the concept of trafficking more personal, and impossible to ignore.

When Jordan and her husband, Brandon, began their marketing company, they knew they wanted to invest in nonprofits like Mission 108 that are fighting on the frontlines of trafficking. They feel honored to play a small role in helping girls find freedom from trafficking.

Jordan is the founder of OneTeam Marketing, helping businesses build a solid marketing foundation and a strategy to increase their sales.

Jordan Sok

AJ Hochhalter is a film composer and creative entrepreneur. You may recognize one of his most prized productions, “NEAT: The Story of Bourbon”. He dabbles in real estate, as well as operating Maple & J with his wife Cara. Along with spending time with his family, he enjoys the outdoors and repurposing old buildings.

Cara balances her time as a mom and jeweler. She has had a heart for India and connecting with women and children since she was little and plans to travel there as much as she can. AJ and Cara reside in Lexington, KY with their four kids.  

Cara & AJ Hochhalter

Rachel Williamson is passionate about bringing light and love into the world. Everyone who meets Rachel leaves a better person. She is a Kentucky native and now New York City transplant. She is living her dream working in the heart of NYC as a top tier marketing and sales executive for Yotpo.

Rachel has a passion for fashion, people, and hopes to bridge the gap in the fashion industry in a sustainable and forward-thinking way. Rachel has not been to India yet but plans to one day. She has volunteered for Mission 108 for the past 8 years and has served as the creative director for all Mission 108 stateside events and operations. 

Rachel Williamson

our sponsors

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  

Mission 108, a 501(C)3 Non Profit organization, is focused on fighting against human trafficking through our safe house and advocacy efforts that take place on the frontlines of the Nepal-India border - considered one of the world’s largest epicenters of human trafficking.

- Dr. Martin Luther King

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